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Why Custom Frame your Artwork?

    Fine art on paper, fabric or canvas that’s not properly framed can be damaged by light, temperature, acids, humidity, insects, and pollution. Good custom framing enhances the art, and protects and preserves the work... 

Selecting the Frame, Glass and Matting for Your Art:

   There are different approaches that can be taken to framing your art. But whatever the approach used, the colors and style of both the frame and the matting will substantially affect how your piece is perceived.

    We feel that the artwork should be framed for the enhancement of the art.  To
accomplish this, try to pick framing materials that repeat textures, patterns and other elements in the piece.  Framing elements that are totally different in appearance tend to pull attention to the frame and off the art work; this you want to avoid. The end result should be pleasing to the eye, and contribute to not distract from—the perception of the art itself.

    Ultraviolet radiation in the home, from filtered sunlight, fluorescent fixtures, and even ordinary light bulbs is the main cause of fading in prints. Tru-Vu glass and acrylic sheeting with ultraviolet protection reduces the ultraviolet radiation affecting your art by 99%.

   Our archival mat boards serves two very important functions in framing: It protects the artwork, and it enhances the framed subject. Mat board provides a barrier from moisture and other damaging substances that can reduce the life of the art. We use matting for paper artwork and liners (fabric on wood) for original oils, reproductions on canvas and needlework .

   Jeanine Ferry is certified by the Professional Picture Framers Association. Her employees; Angelia and Terri have expert professional designing experience and have been trained by the PPFA guidelines throughout their many years in the industry. 

   Whether you've have prints, paintings, photographs or memoribilla, following the above
guidelines will give you the maximum enjoyment and protection for your art. So protect your art purchase, and make sure that it is properly framed!


“The bitterness of poor quality still remains after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten."